My story 

My name is Lucille Roache and I am a Business Coach with over 10 years of management experience.  I started my career as a Lawyer but coaching is my passion.  What drew me to coaching was a desire to make a difference and give back.  That desire to give back led me to be a mentor for the Princes Trust.  I mentored young children between the ages of 13 and 14  on a variety of subjects including time management and building confidence.  Mentoring then led me to coaching. 

A big turning point for me was when the tutor on my coaching course asked each of us to describe what our life purpose was.  I realised that my purpose was to help others realise and achieve their purpose. 


That’s what makes me different and sets me apart from everyone else.  My purpose is unique to me and is shaped by my history and my work and personal experiences, both good and bad.