Business & Career Coaching

From 9-5 to the entrepreneur life

Do you dream of being your own boss?

Do you want the freedom to only work the hours that you want to & earn as much money as you want? 

Learn the tools to begin your busines whilst working your 9-5, in just 12 weeks

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the Boardroom to Boss coaching package is for you 

It's time to start.  Start

  • Investing in yourself so that you can gain the knowledge you need to start your business & make it a success.  

  • Betting on yourself so that you can take the first step towards starting your business

  • Aiming higher by getting out of your comfort zone & believing an acting like you can achieve more from your professional life. 

  • Developing a plan & a strategy that will allow you to move your business from idea to implementation 

  • Setting yourself up for success by doing everything you can to help both you & your business to grow, develop & succeed

Welcome to Boardroom to Business

There is no greater gift than investing in yourself

Helping you to begin & build your business

So what is Boardroom to Business?

  • A 1-1 coaching package designed to equip you with the tools that you need to build a business that you're pasionate about;

  • It includes 6 1-1 coaching sessions,  worksheets & tutorials which you will complete over a 12 week period and will take you one step closer towards starting your business.  After each session you will have a clear action plan which will take you help you to achieve your goal business

  • Each session will help you to explore & overcome any obstacles which are standing in your way, like fear, doubt, overwhelm or procrastination

  • This package will give you the tools that you need to develop a strategy for your business which will put you on the path to success

Who is Boardroom to Business for?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to branch out on their own & start their own business

  • Professionals who want to develop an extra stream of income whilst still working their 9-5

  • Professionals who need help learning the tools needed to develop a clear strategy to help them to start their business

  • Aspiring business owners & professionals who need help identifying & starting their business

  • Professionals who need help identifying the business that is right for them

Here's a breakdown of what you'll get inside Boardroom to Business

This quick fire session is focused on helping you to get clear about what you want to achieve over the course of the next 12 weeks to ensure that the programme addresses the challenges and provides you with the solutions that you need.  

Strategy session


The beginning 

It's your extra chance to ensure that the programme is right for you and get answers to any questions you have. 

This worksheet will help you to get all of your ideas down and help you to be clear about what you really want your business to look like.

Idea to implementation 

Week 1

Week 2

During this session we will explore in more detail the type of business you want to create & get really clear about what it is that you actually want to get from your business.  

It's time to put pen to paper & create your business plan.  This will be the blueprint that will help you to build your business.

Prepare to plan

Week 3 

Week 4

In Session 2 you will gain a deeper understanding of what your business will look like & begin to create the strategy that will help your business to succeed.  

This worksheet will help you to explore your strengths, weaknessess, opportunities & threats to you & your business.  Because once you know what your weaknesses are you can overcome them.  

S.W.O.T did you say?

Week 5

Week 6

During this call you will learn he tools to enhance your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, take advantage of the opportunities available to you and turn any threats from a negative to a positive. 

Balancing act

Week 7

Week 8

The wheel of life exercise will help you to get a clearer picture of how you spend your time and what areas of your life you need to prioritise.

In this session you'll learn the tools that you need to manage your time so that you can effectively balance working in your business whilst also keeping a roof over your head working your 9-5

Challenge accepted 

Week 9

Week 10

Completing this worksheet will give you a clear picture of your limiting beliefs, the thoughts that either are, or could hold you back from making progress in your business. 

Now that you know what your limiting beliefs are it's time to implement some strategies to help you to overcome them.  This is fundamental & the tools that you learn here will help you in other areas of your life.

And action

Week 11

Week 12

This worksheet will put together everything you've learned over the past 10 weeks so that you can draft a plan of action to move your business from idea to implementation 

It's implementation time.  You'll leave this session with a clear action plan & a timetable to create the building blocks for your business

Wait there's more!

Tutorial vidoes

Email support

Each worksheet is accompanied by a video tutorial providing you with invaluable tips to get the most out of your goals & the worksheet

Not only do you get worksheets, training videos and coaching sessions, you will also get ongoing support throughout the 12 weeks to answer any questions you may have & overcome any challanges you may be facing

A little bit about me 

In the beginning

I never had any desire to have my own business, it was just not something that I’d ever thought about.


In school you’re taught to go to college or university, get some qualifications, work until you're 65 & then retire.  And for the longest time that was what I had planned to do.


I started out my career as a lawyer.  I started in criminal law which I was certain was the area of law I wanted to practice in for the rest of my career.  Well, I found out the hard way that working in criminal law was not as enjoyable as studying it.  So I decided to move to a different area of law but, I was starting to burn myself out for a career that I didn’t like and neglecting the things that made me happy.  Worse still I had lost touch with the things that did make me happy. 


So after a lot of soul searching I moved out of law and into management where I was able to help people to set goals, achieve their objectives and support their development.  Which was great but…..have you had that feeling that something is missing, like you’re meant to do something else, but you just don’t know what that is?

Well that was me.  I should have been happy in my career, but I wasn’t. So, after a family bereavement which reminded me how valuable life is, I decided to look for something that I could do in my spare time that would help me reconnect with the things that made me happy.

The in between 

Through that process I found mentoring and the value of helping others.  That then led me to coaching which I discovered in 2016 and I trained to become a Corporate & Executive Coach. 


Whilst studying for my coaching diploma, I realised that the coaching skills that they were teaching us were the same skills that I had been using in my 8+ years in management!


The plan initially was for me to use coaching to enhance my management skills.  But the further that I got into the coaching programme, the more I realised how much I enjoyed it and more importantly I finally realised that coaching was my purpose.  Helping others to realise & achieve their goals was what I was passionate about and I decided that I wanted to do that full time, and have the freedom to be able to the people that I wanted to help in a way that was most beneficial to them.

The now


So, Asset Business Consultancy was founded in 2018.   

Imagine the success you could achieve if you had someone who was helping you to develop, grow, support & challenge you with the sole aim of helping you to achieve your goal of building your business.  How much easier would that be for you? 

You’ve spent your life working for someone else, helping them to grow their business & meet their targets.  It’s time to reinvest that energy and hard work into your own business so that you & your family can reap all of the benefits of the work that you put in. 

If you only do what you've always done, you will never realise what you can truly do

Imagine how it would feel after 12 weeks to have:

  • A clear plan & strategy for your business

  • Clarity about what your business will look like

  • Focus so that you are using the right resources & actions to build your business for the right actions.


  • Better time management so that your time & energy is being spent effectively


  • Solutions to overcome obstacles such as low confidence & procrastination

So are you ready to succeed?

Here's a reminder of what you'll get inside Boardroom to Business: 

6 one to coaching sessions (45 mimnutes duration )


Email support in between each session 




6x worksheets which include:

  • Business objectives

  • Business plan

  • S.W.O.T analysis

  • Finding balance

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Action

6x video tutorials


Value £800

Boardroom to Business

T otal value of all of the above £5,000!!

But your investment for everything inside Boardroom to Business is:


£1,500 full payment 

x3 payments of £600



What happens once I order the package?


You will receive a welcome email where you will receive a link to book your strategy session. After the strategy session you will receive access to a membership site where you can access your worksheets and the instructional videos that accompany it.  You will also get access to my booking calendar so that you can start to book the remainder of your coaching sessions.

How long do I have access to the membership site?

You will have access for 6 months from the date that you purchased the package.

What does the coaching involve?

A combination of worksheets, tutorials and one to one coaching sessions designed to help you to think clearer, take action and identify the areas that you need to focus on.  Each session will end with a plan for at least one action you will take to bring you closer towards beginning & building your business.  

How long is the coaching package valid for? 

The package is valid for 6 months.    

How often do the sessions take place?  

Sessions will take place once every 2 weeks to give you plenty of time to take actions on the tasks that you have set for yourself.  You will receive 6 one to one sessions over the 12 week period.

What time will the sessions take place?  

Because the sessions are one to one, we can work together to find a time that suits us both.  However, sessions will typically take place weekday afternoons/evenings  

Where will the sessions take place?  

Sessions will take place by zoom.  In person sessions can be arranged by prior arrangement but will be subject to a fee which will be specified in the contract.   

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind for whatever reason, maybe you've decided being a business owner or earning extra money isn't for you, then there is a 14 day money back guarantee.  The 14 days start from the date that you purchased the package.  If within that 14 day period ou decide to cancel, you will receive a full refund.  No refunds are available after 14 days.  

How long is each session? 

Each session will be 45 minutes long which will give us plenty of time to discuss your goals and put a plan of action in place.

Am I guaranteed to get a have a business at the end of the coaching? 

Whilst I can help you to gain clarity and find the tools you need to build your business & develop a plan, I cannot provide you with a ready made business or guarantee that you will have a business.  That will depend on you.  However, if you put in the work you will learn the tools that you need to begin your business.

What if I have specific questions that I want answering?

If you have any questions or queries, then you can email me at & I'll answer any questions you have.  You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you want during the strategy session.  

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