I was very fortunate to be coached by Lucille.  She calmly helped me breakdown my goals into smaller achievable and realistic steps.  Through the sessions, I was able to successfully take steps forward and in the process feel much more confident in what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve overall.  The sessions really got me to reflect but at the same time challenged my thinking of my goals and how to achieve them.


Thank you Lucille for helping me to achieve so much.

D Mclaughlin

I was very grateful to have Lucille as a coach. She helped me to come up with ideas that will stop me from procrastinating and they have been very useful to me.


Our sessions were over the phone and she sounded very professional, give me time to think and reframing the questions if I didn’t understand.


Thanks to her I gave my business that little push it needed.


I had two coaching sessions with Lucille.  She was very good and seemed like she had been coaching for a long time. She pinned me down on answers that I hadn’t answered fully, which is what I’d asked her to do.

My goal was to figure out what I wanted to do next regarding my career, as I didn’t really know. And since I’ve had my coaching sessions with Lucille, I’ve booked on one course, have another course in mind for when I’ve finished this one, and applied for a job.

And so I’d say the impact of the sessions with Lucille has been great and really helpful, and I will be asking for more sessions with her when the need arises.



Lucille managed the time I had with her well. She ensured I was solely focused on my goals about my business. She always asked how I got on from the previous session and remembered what actions I was going to take towards my goal. She kept me focused on what was important now so I could achieve my vision. She gave me the space to think and had great understanding, as I was not comfortable talking about this subject due to the uncertainty I had. I have left being a lot clearer on where I actually want to go and where my focus now needs to go. Lucille showed she cared about me moving forward and getting to a place where I knew what to do. Thanks for everything. - Stasia